Kate reads a book in this one…

The first thing to hit on the summer challenge is a poetry book. Now if you’re stuck on finding a book and maybe Shakespeare isn’t really the most understandable then I have a couple of poetry books for you. Now, these are in a poetry genre that’s a bit different and make millennials and younger kids relate a bit more. If you look up “Modern Poetry” some of these books come up. The book I am here to tell you about is The Princess Saves Herself in This One, by Amanda Lovelace.
I, personally, love a good inspirational book to help me regain some strength. This book does that for me. It gave me some confidence back and pushed me forward. Often I, like almost every other person I know, can get stuck in a tough place. Low confidence mixed with low energy can lead me to spending days in my bed. I try to find things that will force me to keep going, this book did that for me.

Sometimes you need a shirt to remind yourself…

Lovelace shares her own journey and setbacks she has faced. She captures her own strength in few words and packs a lot of power in a few words. While looking at the reviews, many critics claim that her writing style is not poetry. They believe she just put “Tumblr words together”. I don’t buy that.

While reading her work I did note that her writing style is very different from most poems. Lovelace is a writer of few words, but they hold so much power. She doesn’t need to ramble on and on to get her point across. I admire that about her. Authors are known for their use of words; saying that her work isn’t poetry is claiming that her words mean less just because she does not use as many as other authors. She is a poet and uses her power with words to share her story.

A personal favorite poem from the book

I recommend this book not only because it touched my heart, but also because I think her strength should be shared. She may not be the most popular author, yet her words mean just as much as everyone else.
Below is a link to all of her books. I often buy from thriftbooks.com because I can usually get free shipping, but they don’t always have every book I want in. You can also find it on Amazon and other book selling retailers.

Read it and let me know what you think. I hope Lovelace’s strength encourages all of you too.