how to deck out your dorm

So not to be overdramatic, but your dorm room will become your new living room, bedroom, and kitchen all in one very small, shareable space. To put it simply, it’s got to look amazing. Have no fear for your dorm decor guide is here. I just finished my freshman year and I am going to be real and honest in this. There are things I never imagined I would need, yet I ended up scrounging around some loose change in order to buy things at the local dollar store. Follow this guide and please don’t make the same mistakes I did.
First off, your comforter does not matter as much as I thought it would. Yes try to match colors with your roommate, but also keep it simple. Don’t get white. You won’t have time to wash it and your cinder block walls are white enough. Add some color; try to make it pop and add a little personality to your room.

my bedroom at the beginning…

Do not bring more than three pillows (which is already pushing it) and one decorative pillow. They just end up on the floor, all dirty, yucky and frankly just a waste of money. Let’s be honest you won’t make your bed anyway.
My desk hutch was a huge help, but I could have gone without. I am a secret hoarder and hate getting rid of anything so the extra room was helpful. Get one if you can, but if it isn’t in your budget don’t worry about it.
Every person studies differently so some of these next tips might not apply to you.
I used my desk frequently and so I purchased a seat cushion at Walmart for like three dollars which saved my butt. If you don’t think you’ll use your desk then don’t bother with it.
If you can study on your bed then definitely buy a bed laptop desk. That will be a lifesaver. It can keep your water bottle, snacks and laptop all in one place. Once your bed is that high it is so much easier to just keep everything up there with you so you won’t have to jump off and on repeatedly. They’re cheap and available on Amazon for $20!
One last item that may help you with your studying is pencil holders. Now, this may seem stupid, but I had three pencil cups on my desk: one for pencils, one for pens and one for highlighters. You don’t realize how much time you waste digging around at the bottom of your backpack looking for a stranded pencil at the bottom. It is so nice to just grab and keep going on your homework.

my bedroom by the end of the year…

Dorms are hard to decorate; they have so many rules on what you can and cannot put on the walls. The easy way to work around this are posters, pictures, and tapestries. Buy a giant tapestry for the wall. Put pictures up on your closet and drawers. Posters fit above your desk perfectly. Deck it out and when it’s time to move out you won’t have such a hard time getting everything down. Just check your schools rules on tapestries; we had to get ours fire sprayed before we put them up.
One of my favorite things that I put up in my room was a whiteboard right by the door. I hung inspirational sticky notes on it and wrote jokes or notes to my roomie. It always brought a smile to our faces even on the hardest days. Your friends will be able to leave notes and you can write important dates on it. A super quick, easy and cheap way to get a little bit of happiness or remember a super important event.

long live B302B!

The last thing on this guide is your door. Personalize your door whatever way you want. My roomie and I hung up a canvas that said “Dorm Sweet Dorm” and then as the year went on every time we took a polaroid together we hung it up on the door. It personalized it and got rid of the ugly wood! Many of my friends hung up a whiteboard so their hall mates could write on it. They would put their snapchats so people could reach out to meet them. You want your door to have some personality that way more people will learn who you are and will be more willing to reach out. Put your names on it, decorate it with stickers or attach positivity notes. Whatever you do I know it’ll be cute.

If you need help finding anything while on a budget or want an opinion to feel free to comment below or hit the contact button. Finding deals is one of my superpowers and will definitely help save some money to go towards your tuition.
Happy shopping you college freshman!