how i’m staying productive this summer

Summertime is known for sleeping in late and having lazy days by the pool. Well since my summer is now four months while I am in college I decided I needed to stay productive the entire time. While I still need time to relax and recover from my first year at JMU, I also need to get working on my next steps.

1) Work on my online network- I recently created a Linkedin account and am trying to understand how it all works. Summer is the perfect time to get online and figure out how those networking websites actually work so you can expand your connections. You can also find connections with the recent graduates you know. Add them on facebook or other social media accounts to keep up with what they do next in life. This can be extremely helpful for you in the future, especially if they have the same major as you or want a similar career path.

2) Organize- Go through your junk drawers, closet and look under your bed for everything you may have forgotten about or don’t need anymore. This is also a great way to either sell and make a couple of extra bucks to help pay for a vacation or to donate and make your heart feel good. With a cleaner space, you’ll be able to focus more and create less of a mess.

3) Create goals- Think of the upcoming year you have coming. Write down some long term and short term goals you’d like to achieve. Tape it somewhere over your desk or by your bed so you are reminded consistently of what you want. This can help motivate you throughout the year when you feel a little burnt out or not so motivated. You can also make a list of things to do to help you achieve those goals. The lists can help keep you on track, but make sure you remember that changing plans is completely okay.

My new exploration spot I found- a lake right down the street!

4) Explore- Go somewhere you have never been before. Either a different country or just taking a drive down a road in your home town. Just get out of your bubble and see something different than what you are used to. This will help relieve some stress and also get you thinking more clearly and creatively. You might end up finding a new favorite spot or take a totally Instagram worthy selfie!

5) Catch up- Take this extra time to catch up with old friends and family. During the school year, it seems that there is always this giant to-do list. Now that you have free time catching up on everyone that you miss. Make sure they’re okay, see what they’re up to, maybe even grab lunch. This can help your relationships grow and allow you to remember how many people love you. Take the time now so you don’t regret not doing it later.

Go out this summer and relax. Just make sure you’re not spending every day in bed!