being a leader when the world seems to doubt you

I value leadership a ton. To me, leadership shows commitment, passion and a sense of determination. I’ve always tried to be a leader in everything I do, although if you ask my family they callout being bossy. No one ever told me how to lead or even if I should lead; it just happens. Sometimes I experience some low months and struggle to get out of bed much less lead. It can be disheartening going from a strong leader and then disappearing into my bed for a couple of weeks. No one talks about it, but I am sure others feel the same way. Whether it be depression, other people or a lack of confidence these things can help.

The world has a great way of pushing you down when you don’t need it to. Life, unfortunately, will never be easy. Some things can help you adjust to what life gives you.

Self-talk is a great way to remind yourself that you got this. Write down in a diary, speak out loud in a mirror or leave notes in random places to remind yourself. Here are a couple things you can say:

You are strong. You are brave. It is okay to fall down but get back up after. Being nervous is completely normal; don’t let it hold you back. You can be sad; try to focus on things that make you happy. You are a strong leader who can not be shut down.

Writing those down or saying them aloud to yourself is a perfect way to remind yourself that you are in charge of your life and will be okay. By doing that it can lead to higher confidence and allow yourself to be more open to leading others.

Another way to help yourself out of your non-leader mindset is to find your “thing” and join a group with others. Say you love to read; join a book club. Swimming may be your favorite thing; join a swim team. Stars Wars fanatic? There’s a club for that. Find your passion or hobby and join a group that enjoys the same things as you. This will help you socialize and gain confidence. It will be a lot easier to lead others that share the same passion.

You are amazing and I believe in you. Go out there and show them what you got.