Birkenstocks for days

Alright here it is, I love wearing Birkenstocks with fuzzy socks. Birkenstocks, a.k.a my Birk’s, just happen to go with every outfit I own. I have two pairs, brown and white, and I find myself wearing them almost every day. I really can’t help it. It just happens! What I do know is that I can also teach you how to style your own Birk’s for every season.

Hot/ Warm Weather:

Free the toes! No socks are needed for these warmer days. Take your Birk’s and go on your merry way. Take them to the beach, around town or sunflower picking! The possibilities are endless.

Moderate/ Sunny Weather:

For these days you can go either sockless or get a pair of very thin socks. I recommend Dollar Store socks for these types of days. A great and affordable way to look super fashionable. If it gets too warm in the day and you want to take your socks off well you can just throw them away. They were only a dollar and now you don’t have to carry around sweaty socks.

Chilly/ Windy Weather:

There is nothing like a chilly autumn day surrounded by leaves and wearing your Birks. Grab your fuzzy socks or cute cabin/knitted socks and match them to your sweater. You will be looking cozy and comfy. Head to the pumpkin patch to take some pictures and show off your matching clothing skills.  

Freezing/ Cold Weather:

Well if there is snow on the ground I am sorry to say you may need to put your Birk’s up. If there is no snow then you are in luck! Go in your sock drawer, pick out the fuzziest fuzzy socks you own and put those sandals on. They are quick, easy and a great way to run down the driveway to get your mail without ruining your slippers, but still feeling cozy.

Now go out there and rule the world, fashionably of course.