why write?

*** I kept this unedited because this was primarily a brain dump activity and I enjoy the messiness of it all.

I write to reinvent, reclaim and renew myself.

Writing allows me to figure out new goals, values and possible paths my life may take. I can provide a product that might mean something to someone. That thought alone motivates me to write to show others that it’s all okay to be a shit show sometimes. I get to do research to improve my writing and find new ideas. Writing is a gateway to so many new possibilities. I figure out who I am by seeing what I put down on a piece of paper. I reinvent myself into the person I want to become.

Writing allows me to take back everything that may have been taken. Often times counselors or therapists will suggest a journal for those going through therapy. Maybe a friend went behind your back and now you have trust issues or maybe something completely different happened and you lost a part of yourself. Whether it be trauma, a mental disorder or just everyday life pushing you down you get to take back what you had stolen. Writing is a form of healing; it heals your soul and allows yourself to feel somewhat normal again. I reclaim everything that has gone missing due to unfortunate events.

Writing allows me to take a deep breath. While putting words on a piece of paper I suddenly become aware of everything around me. I notice even the faintest noises and watch dozens of faces walk past my seat. I remember where I am, who I am and what I am doing day to day. It’s a pause on life while I go to paper and try to make some sense of it all. I renew who I am and how I view myself.

I encourage others to write as often as possible. Keep an emergency journal and jot down things when life becomes too much. If you’re able to write daily. I never knew something could help me in so many ways and I hope others are able to find the same relief I do.