it’s okay to be sad

All over social media, you can find an abundance of positivity quotes, people posting Instagram worthy goals and a whole lot of opinions on how to live your life ‘happily’. So right now I am going to contribute to all that nonsense but in a different way. I am here to tell you that it is okay to be sad! Gasp! I know, really what a concept.
It seems that everyone on social media is focused on living your ~best~ life. That’s a bunch of nonsense. Of course, you should be happy; I’m not saying happiness is this horrible thing. Being happy is amazing and that should be a goal of every person, but it’s impossible to be happy all the time.
Being sad is a natural thing. Shed the tears while listening to slow and depressing music. Take time away to be sad. You have to go through some not so fun times to get to the much better times.
Go and be sad; do not feel as if you have to be happy all the time. Just remember to take care of yourself. After a good cry go take a shower and drink some water. Put a face mask on and shave your legs. Be sad for a certain amount of time and then bounce back.
Post the sappy and positive quotes to promote happiness for people who may be stuck in the sadness. Do not allow yourself to believe that being sad is wrong. Embrace every emotion you feel because that is what makes you human. Remember- the comeback is ALWAYS stronger than the setback.