to all of the high school seniors

Dear Seniors,

A year ago today, I decided to attend James Madison University. Every day I claim it was the best decision I made. Even though it was the best, it was not the easiest. It was actually the most difficult process I had been through.

Graduating from high school was an exhilarating feeling. After 12 years, I had made it. I was ready for the next chapter, but I didn’t realize how much I would have to think about my future. I was absolutely terrified of making the wrong decision. I felt as if every choice controlled the rest of my life. That is not the case.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Wherever you chose to go to school I promise, you’ll be okay. It may not be your first, second or even third choice, but it will be where you are meant to go. You can always transfer or you can fall in love with where you end up.

I never knew I could love school so much. I even hated JMU’s colors. Now I pick out yellow everything and claim to bleed purple. Pretty extreme, but who knew I would have such immense pride in where I belong.

I’ll tell you this- college will not be what you expected. I thought I would be too terrified to do anything. I am now in clubs, changing my majors, etc. I owe all of my growth to attending college. Wherever you end up will help develop you into a better person. Your experiences will allow you to do things you never knew you can do.

Have faith in yourself. Give yourself the ability to go out there and discover who you are. It’s okay to be scared- we all have been before. Let your fear drive you to your goals.

You got this; I believe in you.